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Dive in to some of our clients' incredible birth experiences!







Stacy L.

Melissa is the most amazing soul. She was exactly what I needed for this birth and made it so fun and peaceful for me. I always felt she cherished and respected me and my kiddos. My boys were always involved in what was going on and we love her dearly. 

People tend to not ask me a ton of questions about my home births because the idea freaks them out but the one I always get is, "Isn't it scary?" or "Weren't you scared?".
For me I could never feel more safe, comfortable, and at home than when I'm at home. It's the place where I rule the roost and make the calls. It smells like my family and is filled with joy. It's all those things that got me through my rock and hard place during labor. My husband is super supportive and loved being involved. His fondest memories are of catching our babies. So for me there never was any fear, just love.

Jamie M.

We could not have loved our prenatal and birth experience more. Melissa Mayo is an incredible midwife who answered every single question no matter what time of day, and helped ease our baby girl into this world with a calm strength that I so needed and appreciated. We are about to have our second baby with Melissa by our side and are so glad she will be with us through this experience again. I can't imagine birth without her expert gentle hands.

Tiffany K.

We chose to do a home birth for our second baby. It was the most wonderful experience and I'm so glad that we did it! Care with Melissa as your midwife is very different than care at hospital. Even though the standard of care is similar (testing, labs, blood pressure, monitoring, ultrasounds, etc) the heart of the care is different. Melissa gave me all the time I needed at appointments to address all of my questions. She took the time to get to know me and my family. A home birth probably isn't as most people imagine it. I was able to labor at home and have a peaceful (yet quick) birthing experience. Melissa even came to my house for a couple of my prenatal appointments dropping off plenty of supplies and giving instruction for preparation for the birth. When she arrived for the birth, she had all of the necessary medical equipment for a birth including oxygen, portable ultrasound machine, doppler, pitocin, suture kit and more. Even though a birth can be messy, we were prepared and Melissa did all of the cleanup (thanks Melissa!). And the best part is, I got to shower very soon after the birth and just relax in my own bed with my sweet new baby! It was so relaxing. My pregnancy was low risk and my birth went without complication (thanks to great prenatal care, no unnecessary interventions and an awesome midwife). I definitely want my future births to take place at home!

Winslow P.

It was so great working with Melissa and team. I felt totally safe and supported. Having a home birth was amazing. I highly recommend this crew to guide you in an inspiring life changing experience.

Kimberly G.

Melissa is loving, experienced, patient, encouraging, comforting, supportive, understanding, amazing, and wise.

Danielle W.

Me and my husband had had two previous babies in the hospital, our second a cesarean section, when we decided that home birth was right for us. My husband was a little skeptical of home birth at first and Melissa was able to answer all of his questions in confidence which made him feel so much more at ease. During my pregnancy, I never felt scared or nervous of birthing our third baby, all thanks to Melissa. Her presence is uplifting and she has a way of making you feel like you know exactly what you're doing and to completely trust in your body and birthing ability. She never doubted me and that meant the world. When I was in labor, she let me take control of what I wanted to do. She was never intrusive or bothersome. I felt so confident and empowered to birth our baby! My labor was quick and yet she was there at the perfect time to set up all of her tools and help get the birthing pool filled. After our son was born, she checked in on us and once again, made us feel empowered and not once made us feel guilty for choices we did or didn't make. She was the perfect provider for my HBAC!!!

Heidi T.

There are no words to describe what a midwife means to you after she shares such a sacred time with you! Melissa is the best at what she does, and will always hold a special place in our hearts! She will forever be a part of our family! With our first she brought peace of mind that all would be well, and a presence that helped me continue on when I just knew I couldn't do it! With my second birth she included my daughter in every single prenatal appointment and during the birth!!! She has a way of making all your fears go away! Seriously I can't say this enough she is the best of the best! My very clean, very orderly, very safe husband feels the exact same way!

Stephanie & Ryan J.

We chose home birth because we are introverts who really respect the birth process as a natural unfolding of events that needs little intervention if all is going well.  Low lights, low noise and intimacy with our family is important to us on "birth days".  My husband being so close and involved with our home births has been one of the best parts.  My children (3 and 5) both attended the most recent birth.  I am one of Melissa's very few mothers who chose to transfer to the hospital.  I will tell you, it was not an easy choice, and it was not an emergency, but I'm glad I transferred.  Even though I've had an 11 lb, 2 ounce baby via home birth water birth before, I experienced arrested descent with this my 11 lb, 9 oz baby and ended up with a cesarean birth.  I will tell you, Melissa was calm and supportive through the whole labor and transfer.  I never once questioned her expertise (she's a rock star, really), and she never questioned my mother instinct.  I highly recommend Melissa to anyone planning a home or birth center birth.  She creates an emotionally safe space with her loving presence, not just during labor but throughout your whole pregnancy.  Thank you Melissa not only for what you do, but for who you are.

Tiffany K.

My birth journey for our second child began with a search for a midwife to attend our birth. I chose Melissa as my Midwife for a few reasons. What attracted me first to Melissa was her energetic personality and sense of humor. I’m in love with her exhilarating personality and passion for birth! She has many years of experience and is well qualified to be a Midwife. She is thorough in prenatal appointments and addressed all my concerns. She listened to all of my concerns and answered all of my questions. I never felt like my questions were trivial or that my concerns were not being addressed. Melissa was supportive in all of my birthing decisions and preferences. She made my priorities her priorities and assured me that I could choose whatever I wanted for my birth.

Secondly, Melissa was always available by phone, text or email and responded with the utmost speed and priority (even on nights and weekends). I never had to worry that I wouldn’t be able to contact her in an emergency.

When it came time for the delivery, Melissa was very calm and reassuring. I felt confident that she was aware of everything going on and was well-prepared for anything that could arise in a birth.

What sets Melissa apart from most providers is her endless capacity for compassion and empathy. At my birth she treated me with the love and tender care that a mother would for her child. It was easy to take my toddler to appointments because her office has a place for him to play and Melissa treats him as she would her grandson. Melissa’s staff is warm, friendly and very personable. I really enjoyed getting to know all of them! I look forward to birthing with Melissa in the future.

Jenny C.

It's been three years since my last home birth with Melissa and I still think about her and miss her! Melissa has been my midwife for my last three children, and oh, how I love her! I always felt very confident in her abilities and knew that all would go well.  I looked forward to every appointment!  She is such a warm person and it was always so nice to sit down and talk with her.  She is a great listener, even if all I did was complain about how I was feeling (my last pregnancy especially!).

I had a doula at my first child's birth but didn't feel that I needed one with Melissa! She is a great birthing coach! If anyone is looking for a home birth midwife, I always get really excited to tell them about Melissa and tell them that they've got to use her! Thank you for everything! 

Kayla W.

Melissa, you've been beyond amazing to work with and to have in my life in general. You are such a joy to be around and I've loved all our time together. The thing I resonated with most was your incredibly in-depth knowledge of the entire pregnancy and birthing process. I could ask about emergency situations that would put us birthing at a hospital and how insurance would work, or I could ask about what natural remedies to take for this-and-that, and every question was answered with your knowledge as well as with additional resources so I could keep learning more. This was so important to me and it was a blessing to find someone with your experience and wisdom. You never showed any bias towards natural or traditional treatments and let us make up our own mind. You were comforting when I was anxious, and loving when I was worried. You consistently guided me towards resources and tools to aid pregnancy and prepare for birth. You offered an abundance of information and opportunities to learn with the classes you offer and people you introduced me to. You also provided a wealth of support postpartum and helped me instantly start growing as a mother. I'm sad I didn't take more advantage of that! It was amazing to have someone to ask questions to who knew me and my baby and our situation. You just can't find that type of care ANYWHERE else!!! You were everything lovely and it was a blessing to work with you. I want you apart of all my birth experiences!! Thank you for everything!! You were truly sent into my life by the grace of God.

Heidi M.

“The quality care and support I received during my labor was incredible. I couldn’t have asked for a better doula to take care of me and see to it that I was calm and prepared for my delivery, during labor, and postpartum.”

I had a failed hospital induction at 41 weeks and decided delivering in a hospital was no longer an option for me, and I no longer trusted my doctor. I felt very disconnected and disempowered during the whole ordeal. Ultimately, I believed my doctor had my due date wrong by a couple of weeks (which can make all the difference!) since she had moved up my due date based on the measurements of a previous ultrasound.

Melissa Mayo was highly recommended to me through a mutual acquaintance and very quick to respond to my inquiry.

When my husband and I met with Melissa we felt immediately that she was the right choice for us. Upon reviewing early ultrasound scans with her, she agreed that my due date was likely incorrect. We chose to deliver in her birth center due to the comfort and privacy that it provided over our cramped apartment. It was the best choice we could have made and I definitely recommend laboring in the giant tub with the jets going, it helped so much with back labor!

My labor took MUCH longer than anticipated due to an unforeseen infection I’d contracted during the hospital induction. Melissa and her team were very patient with the whole process, (much more than I was!!) and they excelled at providing the calm atmosphere I needed. After the delivery of my son, there were some complications with my placenta detaching and I had to be transferred back to the hospital for emergency surgery. Melissa was phenomenal at responding quickly and calmly to the situation and made sure I received the extra medical care that I needed and was able to care for me until the paramedics arrived.
I’ve been asked since, “Do you regret delivering in a birth center since you lost so much blood?” My answer has always been that I knew Melissa was the right choice. I know I may not have lost so much blood had I stuck with the hospital induction, but the medical interventions kept escalating at the time and it would have ended in an unnecessary c-section. Changing care at the last second and trusting myself to give birth in a way that I knew was best for me and my baby made all the difference in my delivery and recovery. The support Melissa provides is unparalleled and I received more care from her in the few short weeks I worked with her than I did in the months that I spent with my doctor. 
I cannot say enough good things about Melissa and her team.


My first impression of home birth was one where I imagined being in a cabin surrounded by earthy women -- complete with the pot of boiling water, piles of blankets and oil lamps for light. Once I read a little more about it and visited with a real-life midwife I realized that what would happen would be a little more modern and professional.

Having participated in the birth of both of my daughters at home I would find it difficult to take my wife to a hospital for a birth. The experience at home was so pleasant and natural. It was very conducive for a mother to relax and listen to her body. It was also perfect for a father to feel like he was involved in the process of welcoming a new little member to the family.

When you tell someone that you had both kids at home one of the first things they say is, “Luckily nothing went wrong,” or “good thing you live close to a hospital,” as though it’s an experiment that could go haywire at any moment. I would also frequently hear people ask where it happened in the house as if they could find blood or something on the carpet. Men especially cringe at the thought of such an event happening in their home. I know I had some doubts about how this could happen without making a huge mess. The supplies the midwives provided and the experience they have made the process smooth and clean. I think they actually left the house cleaner than when they arrived.a

One of the things I liked most about the whole experience was the care, attention and time the midwives took with each regular visit. It was unlike any experience I’ve ever had with a healthcare professional. Our appointments would last 30 minutes to an hour, much longer than it would have been in a hospital or doctor’s office. At each appointment heart rates and blood pressure were checked with periodic urine and blood tests to make sure everything was normal. The information and question and answer availability during and after visits was fantastic -- how many doctors do you know that you can text and get a response?

My overall experience was wonderful. I felt comfortable with the midwives and their knowledge and experience. The nights my daughters were born in our home were magical. It’s such a personal and intimate setting for welcoming a new life. It just makes sense. And one of the best perks is you can lay in your own bed right after the birth -- no need to get the car and drive home.

Braden A.

Cool, calm, collected. Melissa was the ultimate quarterback, finding that balance of attention, support and space that she afforded my wife, while keeping me busy and making sure I was engaged and helping out.  She also made certain comments during my wife's labor that prompted me to pause and really take the experience in.  The whole experience was magical.

Eric K.

I’m not someone that is totally sold on the ‘hippy’ way of life. In fact, I was pretty comfortable with going the normal route of doing things in the hospital. But since experiencing both a hospital birth and a home birth, I can honestly say that the home birth felt more like a real life experience. From our hospital birth it seemed like the world had stopped and life was foggy for the few days we were there. We were only there for three days but it felt like the world was spinning on a different axis when we walked out the doors. But with our home birth… it just felt real.

One of my main concerns of having a home birth was the unknown ‘what if…’ Even though there are plenty hospitals nearby, I still had that fear of ‘what if something happens’. I remember talking with Melissa during one of our prenatal appointments and she said that usually there are signs of complications that occur early during labor. Knowing that, it helped prepare me to make any crucial decisions. But we didn't even need to worry about those things because our birth went as planned and everything went fine. Melissa jumped right in with helping us get things ready for our baby. She even folded our laundry!

I appreciated the personal attention and help that we received from both Melissa and her assitant. During the birth, Melissa was extremely helpful by making sure the birth team was doing okay. She would give detailed updates of what was going on and what we could expect to happen next. During the labor my wife got exhausted but didn’t want to leave the birth tub, so Melissa fandangled a makeshift hammock across the birth tub so that my wife could get some sleep. It’s easy to see the passion Melissa has for birth and helping moms have a good experience.

Overall, would I do a home birth again? Without a doubt. And in fact I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for something different, but a good different.

Milan M.












Few aspects of birth are more valuable than the support and encouragement of a loving partner.




Melissa reminded me to breathe the baby out and I mirrored her examples as I gave quick nudges instead of long pushes... The baby wasn’t even out yet and I felt like I’d almost forgotten the intensity and couldn’t believe how quickly the last part had gone. It had only been ten minutes since I’d asked if I’d be done soon! I kept repeating in my mind, This is it. This is really happening.


It was so much pressure and such an intense feeling. Painful, yes, but mostly just intense. Lifting up on my belly felt better and so I pulled up with both hands as I bore down and growled. I was mostly shut off from thoughts but at one point I stopped to really think about what was happening. I looked up at David and repeated, “I can do this. I can do this,” and questioned, “I can do this?” and he nodded, “You can do this.”


Mia had her hand up by her head, so I was trying to push out a head and an arm.. Melissa helped get Mia’s head and hand out and with one more contraction the rest of her body came. The whole time I had five people holding my hand, massaging me, holding me up, and telling me I can do this... My support team is why I was a success!


If you are not too long, I will wait here for you all my life.

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