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Introducing: Heart-to-Heart Gatherings

Are you due to have a baby and want to talk to others who are newly delivered? Did you just deliver and want to share your newborn, story, pictures or videos, referrals or coping strategies.

I want to provide a setting where we can share heart to heart about birth, while we have burning questions about labor and delivery, the need and desire to share birth stories or little jewels of wisdom about what we learned on our birth journey.

This is a short, sweet meeting at the clinic to provide encouragement and networking if you are due soon, and to provide a place where families can share what they have learned or just show off their darling newborns.

There will be snacks and drinks provided and a forum that will allow you to get the truth about birth and breastfeeding.

See the attached flyer. This will be monthly on the 2nd Saturday so don't miss your chance to get your questions answered by these families while you are still gestating.

If you have a specific question but are too shy to blurt it out just send it to Melissa

or Andrea when you RSVP. Your anonymity will be honored.