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After serving the Salt Lake City area for the past 20 years, Melissa Mayo has moved on to a new chapter in her life in spending more time with and caring for her parents. Melissa still has an incredible passion for serving families through their childbearing years and will be around to help when possible but has taken a step back from full time midwifery care. With that, Birth Journey has ushered in Ashleigh Taylor as the new head midwife in charge of running the birth center.  

Ashleigh has worked with Birth Journey as a student and assistant over the past five years and is greatly looking forward to serving the community and continuing on the

Birth Journey legacy for many years to come.

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Midwifery and Birth Center

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Birth Journey is one of Utah's most beloved midwifery practices, ​providing personalized, respectful, evidence-based prenatal care and safe, peaceful home and birth center deliveries in the Salt Lake Valley & surrounding area, led by experienced midwife Ashleigh Taylor, CPM, LDEM.

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Exploring your options for birth?

Welcome! Birth Journey has complete, comprehensive maternity care available to you. Your role as mothers and fathers begins long before birth and we applaud your initiative in taking charge of your pregnancy and birth and exploring your options for prenatal care and birth place.

At Birth Journey, we will support you in your desires for a safe, unmedicated childbirth in which you feel empowered, loved, and in control. We will guide you with education and experience toward the natural birth you have always dreamed of as you choose your own personalized maternity care path.  We believe each family deserves a chance at a peaceful, hands-off, low intervention birth.

You can be in charge of your birth experience! We would love the opportunity to support your family on your birth journey, whether you're just starting out or you've been walking this path for awhile now.

We look forward to helping you!

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The midwives in our practice share 45+ years of experience ushering families along the path to the birth of your dreams. We are passionate about those we serve and take great pride in the many repeat clients that have chosen to birth with us over and over.


We place great emphasis on a personalized birthing experience. You hold the reigns as we build a plan for your ideal birth. You will not hear the words "allow" or "prohibit" but instead gentle guidance and education. We honor your birth plan and your freedom to choose your course of care.


You don't have to forego high-tech tools when choosing midwife-led care. If you feel most comfortable with ultrasound and other monitoring, just ask! You'd prefer less exposure? That's okay too! We are committed to providing you with the information you need to make an educated decision on every procedure option.


Everyone at Birth Journey is devoted to providing respectful, nurturing care to you and each member of your family. Rest assured that we will work to find solutions that honor all of your goals, desires, and beliefs.


Midwives are experts in normal, natural childbirth. We take an evidence-based approach to midwifery with continuing education and training, peer-reviewed treatment, and a focus on prevention. We believe a midwife should be both hands-on with comfort measures and emotional support and hands-off by limiting interventions and a respecting the unique process of birth.

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They exceeded any and all expectations I had, they all were caring, loving, and I honestly I felt like I knew them my whole life. They just genuinely cared and I felt it. I could go on and on but seriously I can’t recommend them enough. 5 months later, the care they provided actually still continues even after the birth of my son, Phinehas. I am so thankful God lead me to The Birth Journey.

Kaci S.

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Melissa is the most amazing soul. She was exactly what I needed for this birth and made it so fun and peaceful for me. I always felt she cherished and respected me and my kiddos. My boys were always involved in what was going on and we love her dearly. 

People tend to not ask me a ton of questions about my home births because the idea freaks them out but the one I always get is, "Isn't it scary?" or "Weren't you scared?".
For me I could never feel more safe, comfortable, and at home than when I'm at home. It's the place where I rule the roost and make the calls. It smells like my family and is filled with joy. It's all those things that got me through my rock and hard place during labor. My husband is super supportive and loved being involved. His fondest memories are of catching our babies. So for me there never was any fear, just love.

Stacy L.

Although the popularly desired outcome is ‘healthy mother, healthy baby,’ I think there is room in that equation for ‘happy, non-traumatized, empowered and elated mother and baby.'

>> Ashley Booth Young

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Are you newly pregnant or plan to get pregnant and live in Salt Lake City or surrounding areas? We'd love to hear from you. If you have any questions, please ask! Call or email to learn more about out-of-hospital birth or book a free consultation and birth center tour today.

5107 South 900 East, Suite 140
Salt Lake City, UT United States 84117

(801) 590-8980

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